Mad Programmer Commits Suicide

Fake News written by James Baughn on Saturday, July 25, 1998

from the first-ever-linux-fatality dept.

KENNETT, MO -- For two years Doug Carter toiled away in his basement computer lab working on his own 'Dougnix' operating system. Apparently he was sick of Windows 95 so he decided to create his own OS, based loosely on Unix. He had developed his own 'DougUI' window manager, Doug++ compiler, DougFS filesystem, and other integrated tools.

All was going well until last week when he hooked his computer up to the Internet for the first time. It was then that he stumbled on to Reports are sketchy about what happened next. We do know he committed suicide days after, leaving behind a rambling suicide note. Part of the note says:

"I've wasted the past two years of my life... Wasted... Gone... Forever... Never return to. [illegible] Why did I bother creating my own OS... when Linux is exactly what I needed!?!?!?! If I had only known about Linux! Why someone didn't tell me? [illegible] Wasted! Aggghhh!" [The rest of the note is filled with incomprehensible assembly language ramblings.]

"If only Linux had better marketing than Microsoft, this tragedy never would have occurred," Doug's brother said.

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