'Slashdot Effect' Causes Havoc in Redmond

Fake News written by James Baughn on Sunday, July 26, 1998

from the denial-of-service-slashdot-style dept.

REDMOND, WA -- The microsoft.com website was offline part of yesterday as a result of the so-called 'Slashdot Effect'. Yesterday morning, Rob Malda (aka CmdrTaco) posted an article on his Slashdot.org "News for Nerds" website. The article linked to a page on the Microsoft website that announced Windows NT 5.0 would probably be delayed until early 2001. Tens of thousands of nerds visited the page and brought the NT-based atbd.microsoft.com website to its knees. The site bluescreened within minutes of the Slashdot posting. The site was back online six hours later. "The microsoft.com site is really speedy now. I bet they scrapped some their NT boxes and installed Linux on them to handle the demand," one anonymous Slashdot regular commented.

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