Jargon File to be Updated

Fake News written by James Baughn on Monday, July 27, 1998

from the slashdot-strikes-again dept.

Eric S. Raymond said that he is updating the The Jargon File and should distribute a version 4.1.0 next week. Rumor has it that some of the new jargon added to the File may include:

  • Bluescreen (verb) - To crash or lock-up, esp. in regards to a Microsoft Windows computer. Example usage: "The entire USS Yorktown computer system bluescreened when it tried to divide by zero."
  • Slashdot Effect (noun) - The tendency of a site to slow to a crawl after being featured in a Slashdot.org article.
  • Slashdot War (noun) - A flame war staged in the comments area of a Slashdot.org article. Usually centers on the KDE/GNOME debate, but Microsoft issues can also spark a War.
  • Linux Convert (noun) - A person who previously used DOS/Windows, but now uses Linux almost exclusively. A Convert usually has two hard drive partitions with Windows and Linux, but only boots into Windows to play games.
ESR said, "I was pushed to update the File after receiving an irate email from a reader. He mentioned that an updated File was promised for December 1996. He then accused the Jargon File of being 'vaporware' and even had the gall to say 'You operate too much like Microsoft by putting off release dates!'"

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