'Linux Virgins' Site Launched

Fake News written by James Baughn on Thursday, July 30, 1998

from the need-more-bandwidth dept.

In response to the recent 'Internet Virgins' hoax, Linux guru Eric Roblatt has founded a similar site named www.ourfirstlogin.com. "Seeing as how the ourfirsttime.com hoax garnered so much media attention," Eric comments, "why couldn't this be harnessed for a worthy cause, Linux advocacy?" Our First Login features two computer newbies -- Jim and Amanda -- who have only used Windows 95. The site will feature a day-to-day account of them learning about Linux and then installing it. On the 'Big Day', August 15th, the couple will lose their 'Linux virginity' when they login for the first time in front of a webcam. Eric says he expects 200,000 viewers.

Some industry pundits, particularly Ziff-Davis columnists, hail the site as a hoax. "Ourfirsttime.com was a hoax," says Jessy Burst, "and so is ourfirstlogin.com. The site is run by a former Pennsylvania state systems administrator. He's just mad that he was fired because he didn't have any experience with Windows NT, and now he's taking that frustration out on the world. It's just another Linux advocate hell-bent on World Domination. Excuse me, I have to give a speech at a convention this afternoon about how great Windows NT 5.0 will be."

When asked about Burst's allegations, Eric responded, "What the hell? I've never set foot in Pennsylvania."

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