Microsoft Simulator 1.0 Released

Fake News written by James Baughn on Tuesday, August 4, 1998

from the more-fun-than-quake dept.

MicroBashers, a group of Linux hackers, has created its first Linux game, Microsoft Simulator. "It's the best game ever written for Linux," one MicroBasher brags. "Surely this game will entice millions of Windoze users to switch to Linux."

Well, maybe not, but MSSIM is still a cool game. The game comes in several versions, including a console version (using SVGALib), an X version, and a Java version. All are available from the MicroBashers website. MSSIM lets ordinary Linux users play the part of Bill Gates (or another Microsoft corporate weasel) and make day-to-day decisions regarding the software monopoly. Players can initiate hostile takeovers, announce vaporware products, steal ideas from rivals ("innovate"), insert code in Microsoft programs to render competitors' software unusable, hire good employees from rivals, and more. There's even an interactive Senate Hearing Mode where you present arguments defending Microsoft while Orrin Hatch, Ralph Nader, Janet Reno, and others attack you.

MSSIM is released under the GPL. "We plan on selling a MSSIM Deluxe game in the coming months for $19.95," a MicroBasher noted. "MSSIM was actually not our original idea," the MicroBasher head programmer explains. "We found an old QuickBASIC version (how ironic!) sitting in an old software archive. It had the source code, which we were able to easily convert to C. We added a few improvements, and this is the final result. We're very happy about this."

Microsoft was unavailable for comment, as usual. There is some speculation that Microsoft plans to file a lawsuit against MicroBashers for, in the words of an anonymous source, "Distributing a game critcal of Microsoft on the Internet, something Microsoft 'invented'."

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