Secret Diary of Linus Torvalds Unleashed

Fake News written by James Baughn on Friday, August 28, 1998

from the transmeta-mystery dept.

In response to the popular Secret Diary of Bill Gates website, a Linux enthusiast named "Linus T." has unleashed a secret diary of the beloved hacker. The webmaster says, "The guy who maintains the Bill G. diary site sold a book and made a lot of money. I want some of that!"

Some excerpts from the Secret Diary website:

"...I went to Barnes & Noble today and saw two new books about Linux. Yes!"

"...Linux Standards Association? Here I thought Microsoft was evil..."

"I saw some media people dumpster diving behind Transmeta's offices. They won't find anything there except some old pizza boxes. Ha ha! Transmeta's product is even more tightly guarded than the Windows source code. Of course, if they'd just think about it, they'd realize what we are doing. It's so obvious..."

"What's this joke on the Segfault site about me downloading myself into energy? And a Missouri town changing its name to 'Linux'? Those Segfault writers are crazy..."

"I overheard an argument about how to pronounce Linux. What a waste of time. Everyone knows that Linux is pronounced 'Not Windows'..."

"As fast as new kernels get released, it's a wonder Linux doesn't include a kitchen sink yet..."

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