Game Shows Endorse Linux

Fake News written by James Baughn on Wednesday, October 7, 1998

from the name-that-operating-system dept.

In another sign of the continuing growth of Linux, two game shows featured Linux last week. "Cool," one Linux kernel hacker exclaimed. "Now that Linux has been featured on Jeopardy! and The Price is Right, nothing can get in our way." Rumor has it that Linux may be a puzzle on an upcoming Wheel of Fortune episode.

On the CBS show The Price is Right, Red Hat Linux was a prize in one of the pricing games last Wednesday. The contestant was asked to tell whether the price was higher or lower than $50. She said, "Well, Windows 98 is almost $100. I've never heard of this Linux thing, but I guess it's probably more than Windows. I'll say higher." Of course she was wrong, which resulted in her not winning a new car. Bob Barker, the host, was even amazed at the low price of Red Hat Linux. "An operating system for only $40? Now that's a bargain!"

Jeopardy! had a whole category devoted to computer operating systems in last Tuesday's Double Jeopardy round. The $600 clue was "What the NT in Windows NT stands for". One of the contestants, John, rang in with, "What is Not Trustworthy?" Another contestant, Bob, responded, "What is Needs Terabytes?" No one came up with the correct response, which is, of course, "Neutered Technology". The $800 clue was a video Daily Double for the third contestant, the returning champion Amanda. She correctly identified the screen shown, responding with "What is the Blue Screen of Death?"

Linux was the correct response to the $1000 clue, which was, "This open source operating system, started by a Finnish student, now has thousands of contributors". All three contestants knew the answer, but Amanda was the first to buzz in by a margin of .02 seconds. Host Alex Trebek commented, "Wow! I guess this means that none of you are Microsoft employees."

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