Linux Drinking Game

Fake News written by James Baughn on Thursday, October 8, 1998

from the having-fun-with-fud dept.

The Rules

With a group of friends, take turns reading articles about Linux from popular media sources (Ziff-Davis AnchorDesk is recommended) or postings on Usenet (try If the author says one of the things below, take the corresponding number of drinks. Continue until everyone involved is plastered.

Note: Humorix does not condone the consumption of mass quantities of alcohol. If you prefer, you can play this game with another beverage such as water. Just make sure you have a bathroom handy.

One drink
Take one drink if the author says...

  • Linux will never go mainstream
  • Any platform that can't run Microsoft Office [or some other Microsoft "solution"] sucks
  • Linux is hard to install
  • No one can make money from Linux
  • Linux tech support is lacking
  • No one ever got fired for choosing Microsoft
  • Linux has no central blue-chip company to hold liable when something goes wrong
  • Linux is for nerds
  • Linux doesn't have enough native software
  • Windows has more games than Linux, therefore Windows is better
  • NT is more secure/stable/powerful/whatever than Linux
  • Microsoft is an innovative company

Two drinks
Take two drinks if the author says...

  • Could you get fired for choosing Linux?
  • Unix and Linux come in multiple, incompatible flavors
  • I can't go down to the mall and buy shrink-wrapped Linux software, therefore Linux sucks
  • Any OS with a command line interface is primitive
  • Microsoft will be around until the end of time... who knows what will happen to Linux?
  • Freeware sucks
  • Linux was created by a bunch of snot-nosed 14 year old hackers with acne and no life
  • Security through obscurity is the way to go
  • NT is the future of enterprise computing
Drain it
Drink the contents of your container if the author says...

  • Linus and Unix are 70s technology while NT is 90s technology
  • Nobody can beat Microsoft... why bother trying?
  • I predicted Linux' mainstream acceptance several years ago [only applies to Jesse Berst columns]
  • All Linux software must be released under the GPL
  • Linux is a great piece of shareware

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