Atlanta Pundit Showcase

Fake News written by James Baughn on Friday, October 16, 1998

from the hi-my-name-is-jesse-berst dept.

ATLANTA, GA -- The upcoming Atlanta Linux Showcase may be overshadowed by another event happening the same week: the Atlanta Pundit Showcase. The showcase, sponsored by Ziff-Davis, will provide an opportunity for computer industry pundits, analysts, and columnists to meet with each other. Several well-known pundits will be on hand to give speeches such as:

  • "Problems in NT? What problems?"
  • "Things to do while your computer reboots."
  • "Why mediocre is actually better than best."
  • "The L word doesn't exist."
  • "Presenting 'Bildows' and the implications of renaming NT." (During a subsequent open forum each pundit in attendance will be given five minutes each to express their take on the importance of Bildows everywhere for business.)

Along with these speeches the showcase will feature booths representing the many faces of the Ziff-Davis empire. In particular, ZD will be promoting its new publication, PunditWeek, scheduled to begin next month. One ZD drone commented, "With the increasing number of industry trade rags and the corresponding increase in pundits, a print magazine such as PunditWeek is very much in demand." According to a recent ZD press release, "PunditWeek will feature commentary from well-known pundits along with in-depth features about Windows NT Bildows and other upcoming innovative Microsoft solutions."

Ironically, one last-minute addendum to the list of showcase presentations is entitled "Managing email." A source familiar with the presentation indicated that it attempts to cover the essentials of deleting large amounts of unread mail in a single sitting. One past attendee commented, off the record, "It made my life easier knowing that I could just eliminate those annoying messages with their facts so that I could concentrate on what is important." When asked for clarification, the source commented that he didn't recognize this reporter from past showcases and the interview came to an abrupt end.

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