Humorix Conspiracy Exposed!

Fake News written by Anonymous Coward on Thursday, November 19, 1998

from the beware-of-geeks-bearing-gifts dept.

LWN recently published an article by Bruce Perens about the possible threat from Trojan Horses embedded in open source programs. Perens is certainly on the right track, but he's a few puzzle pieces short of the whole story. In fact, the truth is much more hideous. James Baughn, Humorix Editor and Microsoft Secret Agent, is conspiring to overthrow the open source movement with subliminal message hidden in this very site!

I live next to Humorix World Headquarters. Over the past few weeks I've been piecing together this elaborate conspiracy by digging through Baughn's trash and tapping his phone line. This is the most insidious, sinister plot I've ever run across, on or off TV. Right now Baughn is away at college and I've cracked into his website and mailing list to expose the evil truth. Hopefully enough people will read this before Baughn is able to delete this article. He and his Microsoft overlords must be vanquished!

Subliminal message have been planted in all Humorix pages (in addition to his Segfault submissions). Commands are being planted in visitors' minds (including yours!), to be activated at a certain, unknown (to me) time. From what I can gather, at some point in the future, all people who have ever visited Humorix will have a sudden, unavoidable impulse to login as root and type rm -rf /* on their Linux boxes. If such a twisted plan were to come to fruition, the entire Linux and open source revolution would be single-handedly halted.

Baughn's evil ways must be stopped! Spread this message to everyone you know! Boycott Humorix and Segfault! Rename your system's rm command to something else... just in case! Backup your Linux system! Prevent Microsoft from conquering the world!

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