Lenox and Lennox Linux Distros

Fake News written by James Baughn on Sunday, November 22, 1998

from the confused-already? dept.

LAWRENCEVILLE, NJ -- Lenox, a maker of dinnerware, collectibles, and other knicknacks, is getting into the Linux distro business. Says one company representative, "For the past few months, a large part of our phone calls have been from people asking for the Linux operating system. We're really sick of telling people that Lenox makes dinnerware, not distros. No more, however. We've decided to capitalize on the Lenox vs. Linux confusion by releasing our own specialized Lenox Linux distribution.

Lenox has made a licensing deal to use Slackware as the base of its distribution. The company representative explained, "We realize Slackware isn't the most cutting edge or easy to use Linux distribution out there. However, the Red Hat and Caldera people wouldn't have anything to do with us. So, we've taken Slackware as a base, added full glibc6 support (of course), and thrown in a few value-added enhancements."

The company hasn't been forthcoming about the "enhancements" that will be present in Lenox Linux. Humorix has been told that those features will be unveiled in a couple of weeks. The distro should be available by Christmas time.

Another company, Lennox Industries (manufacturer of heating and air conditioning equipment), is interested in creating its own Linux distribution. Like Lenox, Lennox wants to capitalize on the confusion between its name and Linux. Sources tell Humorix that Lennox wants to design a scaled-down version of Linux to power the thermostats for its heaters and air conditioners. "Linux is the perfect OS to run our machines," one Lennox employee beamed. "Our competition won't stand a chance."

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