The Movement Formerly Known As Open Source

Fake News written by James Baughn on Tuesday, November 24, 1998

from the yet-another-hard-to-remember-acronym dept.

The battle over the Open Source trademark is heating up. Software in the Public Interest and the Open Source Initiative both hold competing claims to the trademark. In order to put an end to the infighting, a group of free software advocates have founded the Association for the Movement Formerly Known as Open Source (AMFKOS)

One AMFKOS founder said, "I find it ironic that a trademark representing free software is itself proprietary. This situation must change. We propose that the free software movement adopt another name besides 'Open Source'. Hopefully then we can all Get-Back-To-Coding(tm) instead of fighting over Bruce Perens' and Eric Raymond's egos."

AMKFOS is currently soliciting public feedback for the term that should be used to describe bazaar-style software. "We really don't have any idea what to call it," said one AMKFOS member. "'Software Formerly Known as Open Source' is too wordy. I suppose we could just go with 'free software'."

Rumor has it that Richard Stallman plans to mount a campaign to promote the phrase "GNU/Free Software" in place of "Open Source". In addition, the terms "Ajar Source", "Unlocked Source", "Nude Source", "Unclosed Source", and "Just-Type-make Software" have all been proposed by various Usenet or Slashdot posters.

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