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Fake News written by James Baughn on Wednesday, November 25, 1998

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LOS ANGELES, CA -- A programming manager at CBS, Bob Grossman, tells Humorix that the TV network is interested in producing a prime-time sitcom targetted at nerds and techies. Says the manager, "I was browsing Slashdot the other day and read a funny article about geeks trying to buy something from Home Depot. This got me to thinking about all the funny misadventures nerds could get into. I said to myself, 'Self, this is the perfect concept for a TV show!'"

Grossman has put together the preliminary background for the show, tentatively titled "Geekfeld". The show revolves around the secretive Silicon Valley start-up "Metatrans" which employs various quirky nerds who find themselves in funny but improbable situations in every episode. The cast of characters includes:

  • Gary Geekfeld - The title character who is a humorist that publishes his own Lennix humor website, "Colonel Panic". He makes funny observations about life and computers. Grossman admits, "I sort of stole the idea for this character from NBC's Seinfeld show. I'm not too worried, though, since just about every other sitcom on network TV is a rehash of previous show ideas."

  • Lenny Torbalds - Scandinavian character who started the popular Unix clone Lennix. He has been employed by Metatrans for reasons that won't ever be made clear on the show. In every episode a co-worker or reporter will ask, "What're you working on, Lenny?" and he'll respond with a string of meaningless techno gibberish -- the same kind of thing that is found in nearly every Star Trek episode. Every show needs a catch-phrase: South Park has "Oh my God! They killed Kenny..." and Geekfeld has "What're you working on, Lenny?"

  • Paulo Allben - Main investor in Metatrans; previously co-founded the 'evil' competing corporation Monopolysoft. This character will be the "pointy haired boss" who knows more about business than computers and will be the butt of many jokes.

  • Leslie Williams - Female geek who brings balance to the show's cast. Many episodes will make fun of the other male geek co-workers who nervously say stupid things in her presence.

  • Randy Drove - President of the competing chip maker Instale. Along with Monopolysoft CEO Bob Grates, these two head the evil Winstale Alliance that is the object of loathing from geeks everywhere.

Grossman and some staff writers have already put together a few scripts for pilot episodes. "If all goes well," says Grossman, "we'll start casting in the spring and the show will premiere on CBS during the 1999 fall season." He adds, "The network may even set aside one night a week for nerdy shows -- a 'Techie Tuesday', perhaps. CBS could even alter its slogan to 'CBS -- Welcome /home' during that night."

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