Linux Advocacy Crackdown

Fake News written by James Baughn on Thursday, December 31, 1998

from the fighting-in-the-trenches-of-retail-america dept.

SHERIDAN, WY -- In an unprecedented blow to Linux advocacy, Aaron McAdams, an employee at the Sheridan Try-N-Save Discount Store, was fired last week. According to the store's general manager, McAdams was fired because "he constantly rearranged items on shelves so that Linux-related books and software boxes would be displayed more prominently than Windows merchandise." McAdams' boss added, "If he would have spent as much time actually working as he did hiding Windows books at the back of shelves, he wouldn't have received the pink slip."

The general manager supplied Humorix with videotapes from the store's security cameras showing McAdams in action. In one scene, he takes a whole stack of "...For Dummies" books and buries them in the Cheap Romance section, an area of the store rarely visited by computer users. In another, McAdams can be plainly seen setting copies of Red Hat Linux in front of a large, eye-catching display of various Microsoft products at the front of the store. Finally, at one point McAdams can be seen slapping huge tags reading "DEMO DISPLAY BOX -- NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL 1999" on boxes of Windows 98.

Not surprisingly, McAdams disputes his bosses accusations. "If he would spend more time actually working instead of peering over security camera footage for hours on end, this store might actually turn a profit for a change." He is currently trying to round up investors to form a Linux-based ISP for the Northern Wyoming area. "No more minimum wage hell for me," McAdams gloated.

While this incident is a sad moment for Linux advocates everywhere, one Linux hacker noted, "What? There's a store in Wyoming of all places that sells Linux stuff? This I gotta see! You know you've gone mainstream when a podunk retail store in remote Wyoming offers your product."

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