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Fake News written by James Baughn on Tuesday, March 23, 1999

from the this-is-getting-out-of-hand dept.

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL -- After many months of preparations, the first ever Linux meta-expo was held last week in sunny Florida. This was no ordinary Linux expo; it was a conference about other Linux expos and conferences. This invitation-only event was attended by 256 Linux enthusiasts who have organized, sponsored, or helped with other Linux expos in the past.

Said one of the show's organizers, "There's so many Linux expos and conferences these days. There's LinuxExpo, LinuxWorld Expo, Linux Northwest, Atlanta Linux Showcase, the bazaar, just to name a few. It was high time for a Linux meta-expo where expo organizers could meet and discuss the fine art of Linux conference planning, and where businesses could showcase products and services aimed at the Linux expo niche market."

One of the main events of the conference was a three hour session in which several dozen attendees colloborated in writing, from scratch, a Linux Expo mini-HOWTO. The session went smoothly except for a brief "flame war" in which two sides argued about the need for metal detectors at the front entrance to a conference. "I'm worried about this whole Geeks With Guns concept... it could get ugly. I can just imagine what might happen if some bystander says 'Linux' without 'GNU' within earshot of Richard M. Stallman..." one participant argued. The debate quickly turned into an RMS vs. ESR, free vs. open source flame war. "Wow, this is just like Slashdot," one observer noted. "Somebody says something negative about RMS, and all hell breaks loose..."

Several businesses had booths set up in the main exhibit hall. Transmeta was represented by a booth that contained only one item, a sign that read, "This booth is not here yet." A new start-up company, ExpoPortal, manned a booth showcasing their new website, "ExpoDot", a portal site aimed at Linux conference organizers. "There's a portal for everything," a booth bunny said. "Why not one for the Linux expo market?

Southcentral Airlines created quite a stir when the company unveiled its new "AirPenguin" program. During a keynote address, the Southcentral CEO announced, "With all the Linux expos out there, buying plane tickets and making hotal reservations can be quite expensive. With the innovative AirPenguin program, Linux enthusiasts who book two or more round trip tickets to Linux conferences will receive Penguin Points redeemable for hotel reservations, rental car usage, upgrades to first class, or a donation to the GNU Project."

The next Linux ExpoWorld Conference is slated for February 2000, assuming the world doesn't end on January 1st. ExpoWorld organizers will meet in October at a "meta-meta-expo" to make plans for next year's show.

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