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Fake News written by James Baughn on Friday, April 9, 1999

from the will-they-hack-nude-source-software? dept.

BOSTON, MA -- In respose to Red Hat's GeekWorld Contest and the upcoming Linux Beer Hike, Richard M. Stallman is promoting the latest GNU initiative: A "GNUdist Vacation" in Oregon from August 20-28. Contest winners will travel to Portland to attend the (GNU/)Linux Northwest Conference, and will then spend the next week at a shady mountain cabin.

In a Usenet posting, RMS was quick to point out the shortcomings on the GeekWorld contest. "Real hackers don't want to get sun-burned at some beach in the path of a hurricane. Real hackers don't want to go out in the sun, period. Real hackers don't want to 'pay' for a vacation by updating some cheesy website designed as a PR stunt for a GNU/Linux distributor. The GNUdist Vacation suffers none of those problems."

Contest winners will be expected to pay for their round-trip transportation to Portland. (The GNU Project doesn't have boatloads of venture capitalist play money to spend.) Internet access and a room full of computers (running GNU/Hurd and GNU/Linux) will be at the participants' disposal. Unlimited pizza, coffee, and beer will, of course, be supplied.

Contest rules for the GNUdist Vacation are similar to GeekWorld. From May 1 until May 10, a randomly selected page on the website will contain the term "Linux" instead of "GNU/Linux". To be eligible to win, participants must locate and record the exact location of seven of the ten occurences of "Linux". These records must be sent in, via registered snail mail, to the GNU Project Headquarters. (Note: Female geeks will only need to locate one of the ten occurences to be eligible.)

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