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Real News posted by James Baughn on Friday, July 9, 1999

from the stuff-to-download dept.

Inline with our upcoming IPO on July 26th, Humorix has launched a Software Development Lab to produce high-quality humor software for the burgeoning Open Source community. Our first product, Slashdot Simulator 0.1, is now available for your downloading and hacking pleasure.

As the name suggests, Slashdot Simulator (slashsim) is a Perl script that produces a replica of the Slashdot homepage containing fake articles and random SlashBoxes.

What good is it? Besides providing a way to play pranks on your friends, you can use Slashsim to get an Emergency Slashdot Fix in the event that the real website is offline or inaccessible.

Slashsim is licensed under the GNU General Public License. Our lawyer, Mr. Noah Morals, was working on a special license called the "OpenHumor Public License". However, he is currently in the hospital following a tragic car accident (he slammed into the back of an ambulance he was chasing), and so the license remains unfinished. As a result, we have decided to release Slashsim under the GPL, even though the GNU license is not Y2K-compliant.

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