How NOT To Advertise Linux Products

Fake News written by James Baughn on Thursday, August 12, 1999

from the ascii-and-ye-shall-receive dept.

Public relations firms don't really understand the Linux culture. This seems to be the lesson learned yesterday evening when an angry horde of Linux hackers protested in front of the offices of a public relations firm in California. The PR firm recently issued a press release that contained numerous examples of MS-HTML that incited the Linux protestors.

The situation is calm now, but was quite chaotic during the height of the protest. About three dozen Linuxers marched in front of the offices holding picket signs and shouting protest slogans. A few others who could not attent participated by bombarding the PR firm with flame emails and harsh phone calls. The event ended two hours after it began when the protestors abruptly realized that they were at the wrong PR firm.

Afterwards, one of the angry Linux longhairs told Humorix, "PR firms that produce press releases containing MS-HTML must be stopped. Such things can not be tolerated!" When this Humorix reporter asked what the heck he was talking about, he explained, "The LinuxPR site is full of press releases containing non-standard characters produced with Windows and Word. Apostrophes, quotes, and other punctuation appear as question marks on Linux systems unless the file is fed through the Demoroniser. These assaults against the ASCII and Unicode standards can not be tolerated."

One anonymous source forwarded us a copy of the protest slogans that were shouted at the march:

Those who falsely support Tux,
Are those we think who really sucks!

Your utter lack of Linux respect,
Makes your motives highly suspect!

You really need to realize,
It's important to Demoronise!

To earn our trust use this key:
Don't use anything except ASCII!

This is a lesson you must get,
If you wish not be a hypocrite!

Please please please don't use Word,
It really makes you look absurd!

The Dancing Paper Clip is crappy,
Use something else and be more happy!

Take this lesson from Jon Katz:
With Microsoft you will go splats!

The Linux Documentation Project is starting work on a When-In-Rome mini-HOWTO that describes how Linux press releases, websites, and other promotional materials should be created. Some of the tips include "don't use .htm, .asp, .exe, or .dll extensions for webpages or CGI programs" and "don't proudly proclaim that your page is created with FrontPage".

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