Microsoft Warns Of Y2.001K Problem

Fake News written by Bernhard Rosenkraenzer on Monday, January 3, 2000

from the another-excuse-to-build-bunkers-and-horde-coffee dept.

REDMOND, WA -- Bill Gates, the World's Richest Man(tm), boasted today "I told you so!" at a press conference about his prediction that a Y2K-induced collapse of civilization would not occur. While several million Windows-based PCs did crash during the first minute of January 1st, 19100, Bill Gates stated that it was "entirely coincidental" and "had absolutely nothing to do with Y2K". "However," Chairman Gates warned, "now that we've weathered Y2K, we need to focus on Y2.001K, which could be a much larger problem."

Microsoft spokesperson L. I. Arr explained, "Computers might have serious problems getting into Y2.001K. Due to the algorighms used to calculate the next year, the system clock might just go back from 12/31/00 to 01/01/00, because 00 multiplied by anything is still 00. At the time some of our innovative software solutions were written (such as Windows 98), we predicted that 99.9% of the population would have already upgraded to Windows 2000 by the time Y2.001 rolled around. In order to keep on track, we need to warn people about the dangers of Y2.001K-related failures in the hopes they will upgrade to Windows 2000."

Big companies and governmental institutions have already started paying Microsoft to check their systems for Y2.001K compliance. In addition, Microsoft Marketing ( issued a press release warning that Unix, BeOS, and Macintosh systems might be affected by Y2.001K and recommended that users of those platforms upgrade to Windows 2000 when it arrives in February (maybe).

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