Cartoonix: Anatomy of a Ziff-Davis Pundit

Cartoon drawn by James Baughn on Wednesday, March 22, 2000

from the linux-will-fork!-film-at-11 dept.

After Humorix's stock (Nasdaq: FAUX) plummeted to less than one cent yesterday, an emergency staff meeting was held at Humorix World Headquarters to find ways to increase readership. In the past, we've stolen borrowed the successful ideas of other portal sites. This time is no exception. Watching with envy as other online comic strips have taken off while we still only have two regular readers, we've decided to launch our own line of editorial cartoons called "Cartoonix."

This first cartoon is inspired by a recent Jesse OutBerst. Before we present the cartoon, we need to offer a heartfelt thank you to Jesse Berst and the rest of the Ziff-Davis gang for providing an endless stream of articles to poke fun at over the years. Without Ziff-Davis, our supply of humor would have dried up by now.

Jesse Berst warns that Linux could fragment. Maybe this pundit needs to take a look in the mirror...

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