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Fake News written by John Elfrink on Thursday, March 30, 2000

from the so-where-is-alt.linux.fake-news.humorix? dept.

The Internet community was stunned yesteday when a new Linux newsgroup was announced. Though not newsworthy by itself, what made the new group unique is that it will actually be focused on discussing Linux and not just bashing Microsoft and Bill Gates.

The announcement quickly spread to alt.movies.joe-vs-volcano, nearly eliminating the heated 3 month debate about what one of the four ghosts from pac-man is the best. From here the news branched out to such newsgroups as alt.wolves.hybrid and soc.college.financial-aid.

Skepticism abounded in the early hours of the announcement. However, rec.collecting.cards.non-sports, a group long known for its monitoring and debunking of Internet hoaxes, quickly confirmed the news.

"I was stunned," said one alt.personals.jewish user. "The last time I even remember an on topic post was probably 3 years ago in misc.forsale.computers.mac-specific.cards.video right after that big flamewar about who had the best chocolate chip cookie recipe."

The Linux newsgroup is being founded by Ben Thayer, a cajun cheff from fairbainks Alaska who manages the alt.archery newsgroup, and Don Thatt, a highschool geography teacher in Naples, Florida who moderates the rec.crafts.textiles.quilting newsgroup.

"Don and I have known each other from the alt.military.police newsgroup for some time now," said Mr. Thayer. "We were talking one day about how there wasn't a good place to talk about Linux ever since rec.sport.water-polo changed and started discussing the tragadies of Shakespeare."

"It was actually Ben who first suggested the idea," said Mr. Thatt. "We both had experience moderating newsgroups. Ben, for instance, founded rec.autos.makers.ford.mustang as a place for people who are fans of Star Trek."

The posters at alt.music.pet-shop-boys are eagerly awaiting the launch of the new Linux newsgroup. "Everyone can't wait to get started," said one user. "Even the crossposting to alt.snowmobiles has sparked interest."

Preliminary work is still being done. The newsgroup should be available for posting by early next week.

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