A Message From The CEO Of The Poster, Inc.

Fake News written by turg on Friday, April 21, 2000

from the why-didn't-humorix-think-of-this-first? dept.

Dear Reader,

You've probably noticed that at the bottom of the Slashdot home page there is a disclaimer that reads "All trademarks and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective owners. Comments are owned by the Poster."

My newly formed company, The Poster, Inc., is pleased to be recognized as the rightful owner of the comments on Slashdot. We are preparing a generous offer to allow Slashdot to continue to publish our property on the World Wide Web or in book form, for a very small ongoing royalty fee -- while we explore ways to market our property in other media.

Furthermore, our subsidiary, the Their Respective Owners Co., is preparing a contract to license the use of the trademarks attributed to them in the disclaimer referenced above.

Some of you may have noticed that the disclaimer on the comments pages indicates that comments are owned by "whoever posted them" and you have probably puzzled over this apparent contradiction between this disclaimer and the one on the front page. We are aware of the confusion this has caused, and are taking steps to correct this. We can assure you that ownership of all the copyrights and trademarks referred to here has been consolidated under the ownership of our companies.

I hope this message has been helpful in clearing up the unanswered questions about the ownership of the intellectual property which has been compiled to create Slashdot. Please hesistate to contact us with any questions.


W.P. Them
CEO, The Poster, Inc.

P.S. We've recently hired Mrs. Edna Graustein, of Kansas City, Mo., to our newest company division, All Rights Reserved Corp. As you probably know, Mrs. Graustein currently holds all rights to comments posted on Kuro5hin.org. This acquisition will establish The Poster, Inc. as the leading source for innovation in the field of intellectual property laws.

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