Lawyer-B-Gone 1.0 Released

Real News posted by James Baughn on Wednesday, August 30, 2000

from the cascading-style-sheets-are-evil dept.

Do you maintain a website? Does it have external links? Prepare to be sued! There's a high probability that one of your links points to another page that links to another site that links to yet another site that links to still another site that indirectly links to another website that provides a link to a mirror for the forbidden DeCSS source code.

Can you say "lawsuit"? But you can prevent a horde of weasals... er, MPAA lawyers, from beating down your door. The low-paid programmers at the Humorix Labs Of Doom have produced Lawyer-B-Gone, a simple Perl script that eliminates every external link from your webpages.

Of course, if widely deployed, this piece of software will render the entire Web unusable. But that's a small price to pay to keep evil at bay.

Lawyer-proof your site today! Use Lawyer-B-Gone now.

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