The Cathedral, the Bazaar and the Pyramid

Fake News written by Glenn Alexander on Thursday, May 24, 2001

from the but-the-pyramids-haven't-crashed-yet dept.

Having had a long hard look at Microsoft, I feel that neither the Cathedral nor the Bazaar software development models are suitable to describe the process at Microsoft. I therefore propose a third category of software development: the Pyramid.

Consider these similarities:

  • Pyramids were built by underpaid peasants.

  • A pyramid is just a huge pointy thing that sits there taking up space. As burial places go, the Egyptian Pyramids represent the first incidence of heavy bloatware.

  • The instructions for use and license are in hieroglyphics. And you have to break the seals before you can read them.

  • The Pyramids are a monument to self aggrandizement.

  • The Pharaohs who were in charge believed they were incarnations of gods.

The similarities to Microsoft are too close to ignore.

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