If It's Not Broke, Redesign It

Real News posted by James Baughn on Thursday, August 9, 2001

from the i'll-add-a-dept-name-later dept.

Humorix has been hit with the procrastination bug. First our Three Year Anniversary hit on July 25th, but we were too lazy to write any articles about it. Then August Fool's Day hit, but again we didn't feel like writing anything.

Of course, we needed some excuse for our lack of creative output. We want our regular readers -- both of you -- to continue reading regularly.

And then it hit us. We'll just redesign the Humorix website for no good reason. We'll rewrite our Perl scripts, and rewrite them again, and then rewrite them one more time for good luck. We'll shuffle files around and change URLs just for the heck of it.

And that's exactly what we've done. Unfortunately, now that the redesign is complete, we'll have to start writing fake news again. Damn.

Under Humorix 2.0, each article is now available on a separate page. Now you can read the latest article without wading through a month's worth of filler material. For those visitors that enjoy filler material, the old-style format is still available.

We hope you enjoy the new site design. However, if you don't, please tell us right away, so that we may have an excuse to redesign the site yet again and put off writing anything for several more days -- or weeks -- or even months.

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