Ad Blocking Software Violates DMCA

Fake News written by James Baughn on Saturday, August 11, 2001

from the corporations-512-geeks-0 dept.

[Editor's Note: Yes, we know, this is yet another article bashing the DMCA and the US federal government. Yes, we know, this is supposed to be a Linux humor site and not a copyright humor site. So sue us. On second thoughts, please don't sue us.]

Don't look so smug. You thought you could avoid the onslaught of pop-over, pop-under, pop-up, pop-sideways, and pop-in-between advertisements by upgrading to a new browser that disables the JavaScript command. You thought you could return to the Good Old Days of the pre-commercial Internet by installing a proxy server that removes all banner ads.

Sorry, but your actions probably violate US federal law.

According to the spokesperson for the Internet Marketing & Brainwashing Bureau, "Pop-under advertisements make it extremely difficult to navigate, use, and copy a website. They effectively control access to these websites, and therefore any attempt to defeat or circumvent them represents a violation of the DMCA."

Let's say you want to visit "Bob's House Of Pr0n". While trying to download a copy of "Miss April", three dozen different advertisement windows appear on your system. Some of these windows don't contain any controls for closing them, effectively blocking valuable real estate on your screen and obscuring the best part of that JPG you're trying to view. And if you do find a way to get rid of them, they reappear after you load another page, and eventually your browser leaks enough memory to crash the system.

Thus, these pop-up advertisements effectively control access to the copyrighted material.

So there. Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

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