How To Make Your Own Version Of SuSE

Feature written by Stuart Cooper on Monday, November 5, 2001

from the stuff-to-read dept.

Step 1. Create a new impossible three-dimensional shape; in green for the professional edition and blue for personal edition. Print out this figure and slap in on the front of the SuSE product box. The blue shape should look a bit like a spinning top and the green shape should have triangle things in it.

Step 2. Make new versions of the SuSE sysadmin tool Yast and X admin tool SaX:
# ln -s /sbin/yast2 /sbin/yast3
# ln -s /usr/X11R6/bin/sax2 /usr/X11R6/bin/sax3

Also have a later point release of KDE and a choice to install up to 5 different Linux kernels during the installation.

Step 3. Create another four CDs for the professional pack so that SuSE now comes on 11 CDs not a disappointing 7. You should be able to do this by grabbing the latest stable version of absolutely everything from After you've done this find some more RPM archive sites and grab everything off them as well. Then do freshmeat.

Step 4. Create some more high quality documentation. Every 70th diagram should be captioned in German and not English.

Step 5 (hard). Exhaustively test the installation and software configurations. Provide installation support and a superb web site and support database. Get another round of funding from IBM and Intel.

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