Free Software Foundation Forks Linux

Fake News written by Fred U. Daylor on Saturday, March 2, 2002

from the put-a-fork-in-linux-it's-done dept.

The vastspy.NET reports that the Free Software Foundation has decided to fork Linux. [Editor's Note: What kind of wierd name is Free Software Foundation? I guess they're calling themselves Free just because nobody has managed to lock them up for their crimes against the SSSCA and other important laws so far! We can't wait to call them the Imprisoned Software Foundation.]

"I'm seriously fed up with people calling the GNU/Linux operating system Linux," stated Richard "Marxist" Stallman. "It's time to put an end to it."

Shortly after, the Free Software Foundation presented the initial version of their new GIL (GIL Is Linux) kernel, dubbed GIL 2.4.18.

"Plans for GIL are straightforward: keep track of Linux releases and re-release them the same day. We don't plan to make any GIL specific changes except to include a rant advocating free software at the top of each header source file."

Marc Ono and Paul Oly from Microsoft's Linux watch department confirmed the news. "We always knew it would happen. Because of its weird licensing, Linux will always be forked, causing a lot of duplicated work, and therefore it will never be stable. Many people will be fired for choosing Linux."

ReviewXP (an independant software review company, 100% owned by Microsoft) issued an advisory recommending users not to upgrade to GIL. "While we appreciate and support the notion of moving away from Linux, moving from Linux to GIL is not recommendable. Users trying to upgrade their Linux systems should look at Windows XP."

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