Google Introduces "Fake News" Portal

Fake News written by James Baughn on Tuesday, January 11, 2005

from the funny-ha-ha-or-funny-hee-hee? dept.

SILLYCON VALLEY -- It was only a matter of time. In response to the underground success of its service, everybody's favorite search engine/kitchen sink company has now launched an alpha version of "", dedicated to showcasing only the finest in fake news stories (in other words, nothing from Humorix).

"It's all here -- The Onion, The National Inquisitor, even the CBS Evening News With Dan Rather," a Google spokesperson explained over a cellphone while relaxing in the Google Massage Parlor & Open Bar Employee Lounge. "We want to open up parody and sarcasm to the world."

Even though the alpha version is only accessible by "invitation only", some bloggers have already taken the time to criticize the new service.

"It's obvious Google Fake News is biased," said the webmaster of "I mean, just look at their top headlines -- all I see is parody. Meanwhile, sarcasm is buried five pages away. And there's precious little buffoonery or dark humor."

The Google spokesperson (who by now is dining in the Google Culinary Arts & Gourmet Coffee Complex) explained, "Our current algorithm has difficulty distinguishing between fake sarcasm and real news. If you saw the headline, 'President Bush Outlines Iraq Strategery', would you treat that as straight news or as biting sarcasm?"

He then added, on his way through the Google Zen Garden, "We are definitely aware of the limitations of current AI technology... We have assembled a crack team of Ph.D. graduates who are busy working on the problem in between rounds of poker at the Google Game Room & Procrastination Center."

Google has been tight-lipped about its future plans. "We don't have any timeline for graduating Google Fake News from alpha to beta," the employee said after finally returning to his Office/Relaxation Chamber. "Not that it really matters. The existing Google News site will remain in beta until around 2038, unless one of our brilliant Ph.D. eggheads suddenly finds a way to make money from it."

"By the way," he quickly added, "I was being sarcastic."

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