Google Deploys New Method to Eliminate Content Farms

Fake News written by James Baughn on Monday, February 28, 2011

from the why-didn't-I-think-of-that? dept.

SOMEWHERE IN SILICON VALLEY -- Google announced last week that the company had taken steps to eliminate slimy "content farms" from its top search results. Thanks to some detective work, Humorix has been able to determine the exact algorithm that the company has deployed.

It's so simple: The first five pages of results are now completely eliminated for all search queries. Since the top results were almost always SEO-optimized content farms with little redeeming value, it makes perfect sense to eliminate them in one big swoop.

"I call it addition through subtraction," explained an industry analyst who was willing to talk to us without charging an exorbitant consulting fee. "Quality sites don't have the same kind of search engine optimization that the slimy sites have been able to master. With this devious change in Google's policy, now the good stuff will be able to rise to the top while the crappy sites are self-selected away."

The good times probably won't last, however. "It's only a matter of hours before the SEO experts find a way to strike back," our analyst warned. "We're going to see a new cottage industry of 'anti-optimization' techniques, or de-SEO, to make sites have lower page ranks, allowing them to appear on the first page of results again. It's going to be a fine balance of de-optimizing sites to drop to Page 6 (now Page 1), while not dropping too far to be stuck on Page 42."

Ordinary users are cautiously optimistic about the change. "I've always jumped ahead several pages in the results, since that's where the real results started instead of junk from sites like and," said one random person who was willing to talk to us without asking for a bribe. "It's going to take awhile to break that habit and go straight to the first page again. I might even try the I'm Feeling Lucky button for the first time in years."

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