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Slashdot Effect Prevention Kit

This is a modern implementation of the old Slashdot Effect Prevention Kit idea. It only works with sites hosted at Dreamhost PS.

This Perl script runs from your Dreamhost PS server and responds to unexpected surges in traffic coming from Slashdot (shudder), Fark, or other enemy websites.

First look at the README file, then take a look at a sample daily report, and finally download Sepk here.


Nonsense has moved to a new home on SourceForge. It now features an online demo.

Nonsense generates random (and sometimes humorous) text from datafiles and templates using a very simple, recursive grammar. It's like having a million monkeys sitting in front of a million typewriters, without having to feed or clean up after them. From the Slashdot homepage to absurd college courses to buzzword bingo cards, Nonsense is a good way to waste time.

This Perl script is actually used by the staff of Humorix World Headquarters to produce random names for the characters, towns, and companies that appear in our stories. But whether this program has any other practical applications is open to debate.

Humorix Fortunes

Current version: 1.4 (May 12, 2002)
Download: humorixfortunes-1.4.tar.gz (94 KB)

I've compiled a set of cookies for the fortune(6) program. They include:

  • Linux slogans and one-liners
  • Quotes froms Linus Torvalds and others
  • Brief Microsoft jokes, stories, and one-liners
  • Condensed Humorix articles

The cookies come from public domain sources (i.e. files that have circulated throughout the Net), Slashdot posts, and, of course, the Humorix site.

Installation & Use

Download humorixfortunes-1.4.tar.gz and untar it. Copy the files over to your fortunes directory (most likely /usr/share/games/fortunes/ or /usr/games/lib/fortunes/).

Use fortune -f to see a list of the files that you have installed; the two Humorix files (humorix-stories and humorix-misc) should appear on this list. The fortune humorix-stories command will spit out a random condensed fake news article, while fortune humorix-misc will spit out a random slogan, quote, or miscellaneous piece of filler material. See your fortune(6) man page for full details.